Technical issues

At this point, you would like to ask: ‘’What about the stage, all the lights, and audio-visuals?’’ That’s perfectly understandable – without these things, your event will not come to exist. We assure you, we will take care of that as well. All of it will be well suited to the possibilities of the venue. First of all, the stage as the heart of every event needs to be appropriately placed and highlighted. This way we guarantee perfect visibility for the entire audience. Another important thing is a good screen. It proves very helpful for conferences, product presentations or visualizations during art performances. The lighting, on the other hand, is the bit that boosts the whole atmosphere. It’s the cherry on the top! That’s exactly why we take charge of the lighting direction inside and outside of the whole venue – corridors, foyers, gates, facades – all lighten up as you wish. Finally, our audio technicians assure spotless sound that fits the needs of every performing artist as well as the evening entertainment. Our agency collaborates only with the best technicians that have an eye on every tiny detail so that you don’t have to worry.