The importance of these people can’t be stressed enough. After all, they are the face of your event! We always make sure that their services are top quality. Amazing communication skills, brilliant sense of humor and natural wit – that’s our understanding of a good EMCEE. We select our emcees according to the type of event, occasion, and the audience. They can communicate in either Polish or English. If you have special language requirements, no problem, just contact us first. Over the years, we have been creating a catalogue of competent, beautiful HOSTESSES who always welcome your guests with a wide smile. Don’t worry about the empty dancefloor, our experienced TAXI DANCERS will make sure that everybody is having fun. Just beware, the party may last until early morning! Clearly, you will also need some lovely bites and drinks and guess what, fine CATERING is in our offer too! Want to have a taste first? Sure thing! Finally, you can make the great memories last forever by means of the professional service of our verified photographers and cameramen.